I am a teaching-focused Lecturer in the School of Psychology at the University of Glasgow, where I joined in November 2018. I teach research methods, individual differences and #rstats. I strongly believe in the principles of open science and I try to incorporate them whenever possible into my teaching and my research.

My research is split between two fields, psycholinguistics, where I study non-literal language such as idioms and swearing, and pedagogical research where I am interested in the relationship between technology and learning, in particular, lecture capture. You can read more about my teaching and research by clicking on the links.

Contact me

My e-mail address is . You can also find me on Twitter where you can find me talking about teaching, lecture capture, open science, #rstats, swearing, LGBTQ issues and, occasionally, drag queens and videogames.

If you need to see me in person I can be found in Room 412, 62 Hillhead Street.